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Tremendous Dynamite Double Live CD - On Sale!

Tremendous Dynamite Double Live CD - On Sale!


1.1 Daisies Of The Galaxy 1.2 Little Bird 1.3 End Times 1.4 Prizefighter 1.5 She Said Yeah 1.6 Gone Man 1.7 Summer In The City 1.8 Tremendous Dynamite 1.9 In My Dreams 1.10 In My Younger Days 1.11 Paradise Blues 1.12 Jungle Telegraph 1.13 My Beloved Monster 1.14 Spectacular Girl 1.15 Fresh Blood 1.16 Dog Faced Boy 1.17 Mr. E's Beautiful Blues 1.18 I Like Birds 1.19 Summertime 1.20 I Like The Way This Is Going

2.1 That's Not Really Funny 2.2 Flyswatter 2.3 Somebody's Watching You 2.4 Grace Kelly Blues 2.5 Packing Blankets 2.6 My Beloved Monster 2.7 Fresh Feeling 2.8 That's Not Her Way 2.9 Love Of The Loveless 2.10 This Is Where It Gets Good 2.11 That Look You Give That Guy 2.12 Hot Fun In The Summertime 2.13 Talkin' Bout Knuckles 2.14 Novocaine For The Soul 2.15 Souljacker Part 1 2.16 Beginner's Luck 2.17 Losing Streak 2.18 It's A Motherfucker 2.19 PS You Rock My World 2.20 Looking Up