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Live And In Person! CD
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Live And In Person! CD


Eels Live and In Person!


1. Old Shit/New Shit 2. Rock Show 3. Crazy Love (Crazy Music) 4. Eyes Down 5. Jesus Gonna Be Here 6. My Beloved Monster 7. A Magic World 8. Not Ready Yet 9. Dog Faced Boy 10. Souljacker Part 1 11. I Put A Spell On You 12. That's Life 13. I Like Birds 14. Mr. E's Beautiful Blues

DVD Tracks

1. The Shit 2. Old Shit/New Shit 3. The Other Shoe 4. Rock Show 5. Crazy Love (Crazy Music) 6. Eyes Down 7. Jesus Gonna Be Here 8. Mother Mary 9. The Sound Of Fear 10. My Beloved Monster 11. A Magic World 12. Agony 13. Last Stop: This Town 14. Not Ready Yet 15. Dog Faced Boy 16. Souljacker Part 1 17. I Put A Spell On You 18. That's Life 19. Cancer For The Cure 20. I Like Birds 21. Mr. E's Beautiful Blues