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Cautionary Tales Deluxe Double CD

Cautionary Tales Deluxe Double CD


Eels The Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett. - Deluxe Double CDs

Track Listing: 1) Where I'm At 2) Parallels 3) Lockdown Hurricane 4) Agatha Chang 5) A Swallow in the Sun 6) Where I'm From 7) Series of Misunderstandings 8) Kindred Spirit 9) Gentleman's Choice 10) Dead Reckoning 11) Answers 12) Mistakes of My Youth 13) Where I'm Going

Bonus Disc: 1) To Dig It 2) Lonesome Lockdown Hurricane 3) Bow Out 4) A Good Deal 5) Good Morning Bright Eyes 6) Millicent Don't Blame Yourself 7) Thanks I Guess 8) On The Ropes (Live WNYC) 9) Accident Prone (Live WNYC 10) I'm Your Brave Little Soldier (Live WNYC) 11) Fresh Feeling (Live KCRW 12) Trouble With Dreams (Live KCRW) 13) Oh Well (Live KCRW)

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